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After owning a Yellow Labrador for 10 years we knew what we wanted to do. That was to breed them. They are such versatile dogs capable of being whatever a dog owner would want. A Labrador is very loving and compassionate. The Labrador is the most registered dog according to the AKC.  They are most often used for assistant dogs and are good with small children.

We are small breeders in love with all of our Yellow Labs and have been breeding them since 2009. Our dogs are treated like children right on our homestead . There is plenty of room to run at our Farmette. These dogs are loved and cared for all day and everyday which gives them a calm but playful disposition. We are certified in dog training and give basic training to some of the pups. 


We work diligently with our adopters through email's, text and phone calls with pictures and videos.  Visits are not out of the question.  You will be so in love with your puppy before you even bring it home.

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