Our puppies are currently going for $1200.  We spend a lot of time and money with our dogs and puppies.  Maintenance and legal fees are expensive.  We know that you want well taken care of pups and their mommies just like we do. Having puppies in the house is like having newborn babies. We are sure the quality of our pups are worth the price.  We continue to improve our operations and are now certified trainers.  If you would like your puppy individually trained we can send your puppy home to you with some basic trained skills that will be extremely valuable to you.  We even start on potty training. Please inquire about additional training and cost.  When we have the time we are reserving the right to keep some of the puppies to train that will become available as trained puppies at the cost of $2000.  This cost includes additional shots, boarding, collars and leashes. 


      A $300 Deposit must be made before your puppy is reserved and is not returnable.  It can be used on a future puppy though if canceled before that puppy reaches 6 weeks. Deposits can be made through PayPal, check, or cash.  If you are not planning on paying the remaining balance with cash please be prepared to have your final payment made before it's final week.

     Puppies start getting picked out around their 3rd week of life.  If you have had a puppy reserved you can either visit the 3rd weekend to pick or we can work with you on picking through photos and video through emails and texts. 


     If you choose to keep your puppy on NuVet Supplements it will be guaranteed against health problems for 2 years as long as you are a responsible owner.  We guarantee your money back for 72 hours for any reason.

     Please ask in advance for a copy of the guarantee if you are concerned.  We also have a standard year guarantee if you choose not to use NuVet Supplements.  Our puppies come with Limited Registration. 

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Deposits are $300
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